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  1. An All-in-One platform for easy integration and expansion.
  2. A standardized interface to ensure compatibility with exiting products.
  3. Simple installation and setup, upgrade and backup with ease.
  4. One-time or Multi-level architectural planning.
  5. Low learning curve, convenient task scheduliing to reduce time and workload.
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Comprehensive Integration

Combine wired and wireless methods in which wireless controlling such as IR and Z-Wave 2.4G are cores..

Completely, independently developed software and hardware framework, which integrates your daily used software and hardware, and constructs intact intelligent control system that is reliable and stable.

Expansion and Extension

With general PC and Windows platform as basis, it can expand integration with the software and hardware which the user is familiar with at all times, and is even compatible with most future technologies.

Open Compatobility

PC framework allows the mainframe to operate sustainably.

Open framework can continuously integrate the functions you need. It is easily compatible to most IR remote controlled appliance.

Energy Saving & Carbon Reducing

Through automatic controls, it can simplify the controlling of all energy, and is the optimal balance between energy saving and comfortable life.

Affinity Bases on Persons

Easy to learn operation frame, even for those who are not familiar with computers.

Automatic & Journalized Control

Realize artificial intelligent automatic and listing control: The intelligent control at any date or any time allows one to not waste time waiting for small things.

Performance Price Ratio of Super Value

In opposition to most intelligent product.

It may be easily possessed in respect to product price, function, and hidden cost of construction, etc.

Independent Single-Keyed Function

No matter individuals or family, unique single-key life mode can be set according to the need of each person, and single-key operation may be implemented through wireless keyboards and intelligent phones.

Easy to Construct, Configure, Maintain

Wireless and general network single-wires series connect to form digital nerves. Rapid construction, low costs, and configuration and maintenance changes are all very convenient.

Sustainable Operation

Open framework can easily transfer the platform and not become a technology orphan.

Simplicity & Reliability

Stable and simple framework is firm and reliable…life will not be affected even is the system malfunctions.

Remote Controlling & Management

Through the Internet, you can use iPhone/Smart Phones, iPad, computers to monitor and remote control from anywhere in the world, or set the system, you can even implement remote maintenance.

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