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@Dog Security Software

Uses WebCam to become a tool for scanning/analyzing/imaging. Low-priced instant message notice through Skype / WebMail etc., It is your personal bodyguard, and can be integrally applied with wireless sensors.

Start constructing your personal secured space !

Remote / Local Control

@Key Single-key Multi-function Wireless Keyboard Controlling Technique

VNC / TeamViewer Remote Controll Software.

Whether you are using a computer/ipad/iPhone or other smart equipment, you can connect and control HomeCenter through the network.

In addition, you can use any wireless keyboards as your home intelligent controlling device, and with USB extension technology, you can control everything while lying on your bed.


@Show Computer Video Integrated Application

Integrates advanced functions as Windows Player and DLNA 1.5. Applies PC + Networks, TV, Audio of compatible equipment(ex.SONY,Panasonic, Sharp...), and can be remote controlled to broadcast Video and Music at anywhere.

Enjoy your personal entertainment space.

Smart Phone Integration


Yes, in addition to phone function, your cell phone will be the most important intelligent tool. It is your mobile doorway intercom and all-purpose remote control for life, even a media player, and there are many more functions awaiting for your discovery…


@Door + @Tercom Digital Video Intercom Software

Combines PC and Skype instant communication to establish a digital video intercom system.

Simple framework, easy maintenance, powerful functions. It can be connected to any cell phones through Skype, and doors can be remotely opened by smart phones or computers.

Internet of Things/Digital Identity

@ID RFID/Remote Sensing Application

Realizes individual digital identity and digital life application; this is the first major identification integrating application for human/event/object/data.

Initially we also integrated RFID and gate guard with the system, and we will be releasing more integrated service in the future.

Intelligent Control

RoomCenter Intelligent Core System

Highly customerise Human-Computer interface and function; integrates IR infrared rays/Z-Wave wireless control/2.4GHz Wireless.

You may select the most common infrared ray control, and advanced Z-Wave or Wireless 2.4GHz to realize your intelligent control.

Health Managment

@Care Health Management System

Through method of taking pulse of the Chinese traditional medicine practice, it examines and analyzes your physical status. By cloud computing analysis and data analysis, it provides an instant reference.

It is your personal health advisor, ready to look after your health at all times.

Energy Saving & Automation

Intelligent life style is the fastest way to realize energy saving, automation and scheduling can reduce energy consumption. It can interact through temperature, electricity sensors, and electricity control.

Connect the USB, set your intelligent + energy saving life mode, and begin your new digital life style with convenient and energy saving.

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